Christmas Craft Ideas To Decorate Your Home This Season

Christmas craft ideas can really turn your home into a winter wonderland this year. If decorating your home for the season usually means a tree and perhaps a wreath on the door you are not alone. Most people have no idea how to brighten up their hall and other rooms in their home. Many overspend on commercial decorations but often end up making their home look like Santa’s grotto on a bad day. It is also difficult to achieve a unique look as everyone can buy similar baubles from the shops. The good news is that you can learn to decorate your home tastefully and can do the job properly with home made decorations that do not cost a fortune. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results you can achieve.

Some people believe that making your own decorations will make your home look tacky. This can happen if you do not follow patterns or use the right materials. Christmas craft ideas when used properly can make your home the envy of all your friends. Christmas is a time for families to spend time with their loved ones. Generally this takes place around the table and what better way to celebrate the season then to have your table designed using a seasonal theme. You can make matching napkin holders, placemats and other decorations for the table.

The holidays are a time for kids. If you have children they will love spending time with you and will enjoy showing off their handmade decorations. Kids love when their parents display their artwork for all to see. Some families pass on their Christmas craft ideas on from one generation to another. You can always start this lovely tradition with your own family and hope that your children will pass on their newly learnt skills to their children and grandchildren.

How to Choose Reclaimed Home Decor Items

Many people assume that home accessories and decor are the little things in the space: vases, candles and so forth. However, home accessories also include furniture, various textiles like curtains and rugs and much more. That being said, home decor involves a lot of little (and big) details but choosing the right items can be tricky, especially when following a certain trend such as items made using reclaimed materials. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to choose reclaimed home decor items.

What Classifies as Reclaimed?

Reclaimed can actually apply to any item or material that has been reused in some form or another. This can extend to old beams from a farm house that have been reused for flooring in someone’s home. It can also refer to old bathroom faucet handles that have been repurposed as coat hangers. It could even apply to items purchased at a garage sale and reused in a new person’s home (remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure).

Tips for Choosing Reclaimed Home Decor Items

Rule number one when choosing reclaimed home decor items such as wooden furnitures is to steer clear of major manufacturers and retailers. Chances are, the items being sold in these stores are not truly ‘reclaimed.’ They may have been roughed up and made to look reclaimed or ‘old,’ but often are not legitimately reclaimed.

This is especially true of mass-produced wood furnitures, as the boom in the reclaimed products, particularly in wood, has used up a vast amount of the resources for reclaimed materials.

Instead, look for smaller boutiques and locally owned companies, as these are more likely to offer products made from true reclaimed materials.

Do note, however, that reclaimed materials extend much further than wood. It can also include plastics, glass, fabrics and so forth. These items may be more readily available in ‘big box’ stores, but still be wary when considering purchasing.

If you are contemplating a purchase from a larger store or manufacturer, ask about the backstory on the product. True reclaimed products often are labeled with a backstory, such as the plastic comes from recycled soda bottles or the glass is from antique car windshields. Be wary of products that do not include a back story.

When it comes to reclaimed home decor items, recognize that nearly anything in the home could be reused, recycled or reclaimed! This extends from table decor to charger plates to wall art, flooring to furnitures and beyond. There truly isn’t one single item in the home that couldn’t potentially be made from a reclaimed material.

Top 5 Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid


Very rarely is any plastic furniture acceptable in home decor. Clear acrylic tables are hot, plastic covered sofas are not. In fact, plastic covered sofas will never be in, so take off the plastic. In fact, try to avoid purchasing furniture that requires you to cover it in plastic to begin with. A home should be loved and used, not covered in plastic and looked at longingly from afar. Let your family enjoy your home and get yourself a dust buster for those crumbs.

Fake Flowers

It’s one thing to have fake flowers, but it’s an entirely new ballgame when you don’t clean those fake flowers. Always clean your faux flowers, otherwise you’ll turn them into another home decor mistake. Dusty flowers are unrealistic and completely defeat the purpose of having artificial flowers to begin with.

The goal is to have flowers that look real and give the illusion of fresh flowers. You can’t achieve this goal if your floral home accessories are full of dust and cobwebs. So, be sure to include your faux flowers in your weekly dusting routine.


It’s great to have a lot of items you love, but it’s not so great when your space is overflowing with home accessories and decor. Clutter isn’t pretty and while your home doesn’t have to be perfectly neat and tidy, you still shouldn’t leave random clutter laying around.

Get organized with your space. Purchase an organizer for your mail so you can sort it immediately once you bring it in rather than throwing it onto various furnitures in your home: the dining table, a console table or your desk. Put things away when you’re done with them rather than tossing them wherever. Little changes can help reduce clutter in your home almost immediately.


Color, or rather the lack thereof, is a huge mistake when it comes to home decor. Don’t be afraid of color and while yes, white is a color and so is light beige, it really shouldn’t be the only color you have. If you’re not ready for a new paint color, consider adding color in another way into your home.

Find some colorful new table decor, new wall art or even a new set of brightly colored charger plates to brighten up the space.

Keeping Up With the Jones

The biggest decorating mistake isn’t the clutter or the lack of color, it’s the “keeping up with the Jones” syndrome that many people suffer. Your neighbor gets a huge new flatscreen, suddenly you’re Jonesin’ for a whole new media center. Stop worrying about what your neighbors homes look like. Don’t worry about what your mother in law thinks or what your brother-in-law has.

Choose your own furniture, your own home decor, your own home accessories. Choose pieces that reflect you and your family. Choose pieces you love. Decorate to enjoy, don’t’ decorate to impress your neighbors. Taste is subjective and just because you think it will impress them, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will!